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#1 Customizable design: Choose from a range of templates and customize your code to match your brand and style.
#2 Multiple code formats: Generate QR codes, barcodes, and many other formats to suit your needs.
#3 Fast and reliable: is the fastest growing QR code and barcode maker, ensuring quick and efficient code generation.
Unlimited QR Code Generation

Effortlessly create customized QR codes to enhance your business services and products.

Barcode Generation

Generate an unlimited amount of high-quality barcodes to take your inventory management to the next level.


Get a comprehensive overview of all URL link statistics, easily manageable from both the admin and user panels.

One-Tap Sign-In

With Google Integration, sign in with a single tap and engage with your users in no time.

Enable Dark Mode

Enjoy the modern feel of the admin and user panels with our sleek and stylish Dark Mode feature.


Easily control and optimize your URL title, meta, and SEO settings from the admin panel to help boost your online presence.

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Explore the Possibilities with 13 Unique QRCode Formats

Unleash the Potential of Your Scanning Experience with Our 13 QRCode Formats.

Unlock the Power of 30 Barcode Formats

Elevate Your Scanning Experience with Our 30 Barcode Formats
Join the QR and Barcode Revolution with! Create custom codes and enhance your business with our powerful QR and Barcode generator. Sign up now and unlock endless possibilities for your brand!
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  • 14 QRCode Types
  • 100 QRCodes
  • 100 Barcodes
  • Additional Tools
  • Enable Analytics
  • Hide Branding
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  • 14 QRCode Types
  • Unlimited QRCodes
  • Unlimited Barcodes
  • Additional Tools
  • Enable Analytics
  • Hide Branding
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