About Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a document that explains how a website or application collects, uses, and protects users' personal information. Every website or application must have a clear and easily understandable Privacy Policy for users.


We, PT. Lingkar Kreasi, the owner of the website, pay close attention to the privacy and security of our users' data. We want to ensure that every user of our service feels safe and comfortable when using our service. Therefore, we have created this Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use, and protect our users' personal information.

How Device Data is Collected

When users access our website, the data we collect is device data, operating systems used, browsers used, and demographic information. This data is used for the purpose of analyzing user statistics that will be used for the development of our website in the future. We guarantee that the data we collect is anonymous and cannot be personally identified.

How User Data is Collected

When users register, we will collect personal data such as full name, email, and password. This data is the data used by users to access our user dashboard.

Explanation of Collected User Data

Full Name: The full name is used to facilitate us in identifying our users and ensuring that our users' data is related to the correct account. Email: Email is used as a username and as a contact so that the system and can provide information such as billing information, news information, and others to users. Password: The password is collected to ensure that our users' accounts are secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. The password will be encrypted in the system, so it is safely stored.


We, PT. Lingkar Kreasi, guarantee that our users' data will only be used for business and legal purposes that are collected safely and not disseminated. Our website is also equipped with SSL encryption and a firewall to protect it from threats that can endanger our users' privacy.

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